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Addison Valves and Components meet standards issued by various industry associations such as American Petroleum Institute (API) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (N.A.C.E. MR-01-75). Constant review of emerging technology and material development results in frequent updating of material selection and design features to meet industry's changing demands.

Body wall thickness are developed from allowable stresses in ANSI B31 eliminating all stress and ensure a 4:1 safety factor to the maximum operating pressure specified on valve.

Valve design criteria is as per codes of ASME B 31.1 described in Section 107 which are as follows:

  1. Valves require specific pressure and temperature ratings such as those found in ASME B 16.34
  2. Valve design may include screwed, union or OS&Y bonnets.
  3. All materials must confirm to ASTM specifications MSS-SP-25
  4. All instrument manifold valves are required to be hydrostatically tested. Hydrostatic testing is performed in accordance with MSS-SP-61. This testing includes the body cavity hydrostatic test at 1.5 times the design pressure rating and seat leakage test at 1.1 times the maximum pressure ratings.
  5. The valve body should be marked or labelled in accordance with specifications MSS-SP-25 or ASME B 16.5



Addison Compression Tube Fittings have been carefully designed for use with stainless steel tubes and is suitable for installations where secure leak-proof joints are essential. Suitable for high pressures, vacuum and where vibration is inherent, these couplings are precisely manufactured to close tolerance. To prevent galling of the threads, nuts are silver plated.

Pressure Ratings

Addison double ferrule design is rated for working at high pressure than the tubing maximum allowable working pressure.

However the tubing should not be utilized above its maximum allowable working pressure.

Vaccum Rating

Addison Tube Fittings offer excellent vacuum capability. With good quality tubing, Addison fittings will be leak-tight vacuum levels of negative pressure up to 700mbar while tested.


Addison does recommend interchanging its fitting components with that of other leading manufacturers. Addison fitting components are made to strict quality control standards and cannot guarantee that of other manufacturers.

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