Manufacturing Standards
Quality Control, Testing & Certification
Schedule of Materials
Pressure & Temperature Ratings

Production of all components is carefully controlled from design through final testing. Records are maintained to verify specification compliance in material procurement, heat treatment and testing.

Manufacturing processes and assembly procedures are subject to rigid quality control procedures including non-destructive testing at appropriate stages to ensure specification compliance on component products. Records are maintained to verify compliance in material procurement.

Types of inspection documents available upon request.

  • Certificate of compliance with the order 2.1 acc. to EN 10204
  • Test report 2.2 acc. to EN 10204
  • Inspection certificate 3.1A acc. to EN 10204
  • Inspection certificate 3.1B acc. to EN 10204
  • Inspection certificate 3.1C acc. to EN 10204

Each valve is hydrostatically tested prior to shipment. Certification of testing and specification compliance will be available upon request.

All Sour Gas valves and fittings can be supplied in any machineable alloy approved for H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) service.
Ensuring quality is one of the most important considerations in the production process at Addison. It is not only that the complete product is finally inspected, but the stage manufacturing steps are also surveyed in detail.

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